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Provide an analysis of the short story “The Story of X” by Lois Gould. This is not a summary; make sure that you offer an interpretation of the short story and that you “read between the lines” in order to address each aspect of analysis:

  • Audience
  • Purpose
  • Content
  • Mood 
  • Style
  • Structure

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“The Story of X” by Lois Gould is a short story that revolves around the life of a child who is raised in a gender-neutral environment. The story is unique, thought-provoking, and raises several important questions about gender identity and socialization. Therefore, analyzing this story would be an excellent exercise for students of medicine, as it provides insights into the impact of environmental, biological, and social factors on the development of gender identity.


Audience: The audience of this story is the general public, especially those interested in exploring and understanding the complexities of gender identity development.

Purpose: The purpose of this story is to challenge and question traditional gender norms by portraying the impact of a gender-neutral environment on a child’s development. Through this story, the author attempts to demonstrate that social factors, such as gendered expectations, influence the development of gender identity.

Content: The story revolves around the life of a child, X, who is raised in a gender-neutral environment, and the challenges faced by the child and their parents due to society’s expectations. The story highlights how societal values and norms can affect the perception of gender, ultimately questioning the societal norms of the binary gender system.

Mood: The mood of the story is thought-provoking, as it forces readers to engage with issues of gender identity and society’s expectations. The story raises a range of emotions, from empathy for X and their parents, to curiosity regarding the development of gender identity.

Style: The story is written in the third-person point of view, which allows readers to engage with the story objectively. The author uses simple language, which is easy to understand, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Structure: The story follows a linear plot structure, with a clear beginning, middle, and end that highlights the impact of a gender-neutral environment on X’s life. Moreover, the story uses a flashback technique to reveal the events leading up to X’s birth and the decision to raise them in a gender-neutral environment.


Overall, “The Story of X” by Lois Gould is a powerful and thought-provoking story that challenges societal norms of gender identity. In analyzing the story, students of medicine can gain valuable insights into the impact of socialization, environment, and biology on the development of gender identity, which is an essential aspect of patient care in the medical profession.

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