Corporate Communication & Contemporary Business Challenges Questions

1. Use the attached covid-19 case study to answer this discussion. What would you do if you were the in-charge of this ED?

2: Please share how your plan(s) have changed since the last reflection after reading papers/cases assigned for this class.

Use the attached articles to answer question 3 & 4 accordingly.

3. Corporate Communication and Contemporary Business Challenges was republished in 2012 from a report that was written in 2007. Please review the seven Page Principles on the first page of this document. These classic concepts seem to have endured the ravages of time. The author states that corporate (organizational) communication focuses on communicating internally and externally with all their audiences and constituencies (stakeholders). Déjà vu? The article asserts that writing is a core skill for corporate communication, as well as a thorough knowledge of the company and of business principles. Pages 9 and 10 list five aspects of an individual’s core competency. Which of these are the most difficult to attain proficiency? Defend your selection. 

4.The Future of Internal Communication identifies six major trends that are happening or are about to happen. Based on your experiences and perspective, comment on two of these trends that will be the most powerful that we (society) will face in the next 10 years. Defend your selections.

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As a medical professor in charge of creating assignments and evaluating student performance, my role is to ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their medical careers. I believe in providing engaging lectures and challenging assignments that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In this discussion, I will provide answers to the questions based on assigned content, including a COVID-19 case study and two articles on corporate communication and contemporary business challenges, and the future of internal communication.

1. COVID-19 Case Study

If I were in charge of the ED in this scenario, I would immediately isolate the patient exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and follow the necessary protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. This would involve wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), transferring the patient to a designated isolation room, and notifying the appropriate administrators and health authorities. Additionally, I would ensure that all staff and patients in the ED are following the necessary precautions to prevent further spread of the virus.

2. Plan Changes Since Last Reflection

After reading the assigned papers and cases for this class, my plans have changed to focus more on the importance of effective communication in the medical field. I have also incorporated more case studies and practical exercises to help students apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

3. Core Competency Challenge

Out of the five aspects of an individual’s core competency listed on pages 9 and 10 of the article on corporate communication and contemporary business challenges, I believe that the most difficult to attain proficiency are strategic thinking and leadership. Effective strategic thinking requires a deep understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives, as well as the skills to develop and implement a plan to achieve them. Leadership skills, on the other hand, require a combination of natural talent, learned skills, and experience, which can be challenging to develop and maintain consistently.

4. Future Communication Trends

Of the six major trends identified in the article on the future of internal communication, I believe that the two most powerful trends that society will face in the next 10 years are the increased use of mobile technology and the growing importance of employee engagement. With the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices, communication is becoming more instant and accessible, which presents both opportunities and challenges for organizations. At the same time, employees are becoming more vocal about their workplace experiences and are seeking more meaningful engagement with their employers. Companies that prioritize employee engagement and take advantage of mobile technology to communicate effectively will be better positioned to succeed in the future.

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