Capella University Week 5 Personal Development Plan Paper

For this assignment, you will create a personal development plan by integrating what you have learned from your coaching sessions, journal entries, and research on emotional intelligence and incorporating SMART goals.

  • Consider some of your underlying assumptions when you began this journey in Unit 1 and compare them to your current assumptions.
  • Analyze the evolutionary process that took place over the past month and the insights gained.
  • Create a reasonable timeline for accomplishing the goals in your action plan. Identify concrete action steps for your plan, including how you will achieve them and by when. Outline how you will measure and evaluate your progress.
    • How are you going to close the gap to ensure you acquire the necessary skills, abilities, and knowledge to succeed?
    • What specific actions will you take to make your vision happen?
    • What kinds of training, education, and other experiences are necessary?
    • What will you do to develop the skills and abilities that you need in order to achieve your goals?

Write your paper in two sections.

Part 1: Personal Development Plan

Address the following:

  • Articulate your future developmental needs, factoring in accurate self-assessment and feedback from your coach.
    • Explain how feedback from your coaching sessions and journal activities helped to identify or clarify needs.
  • Detail SMART goals in a multiyear plan.
    • Develop a multiyear plan with SMART goals.
  • Describe a plan to tackle fundamental behavior changes.
  • Analyze how the plan will develop and enhance skills to add value to an organization
  • Explain a process to review and update a plan on a continuous basis.
    • Synthesize how you will develop and enhance your existing skills through an introspective investigation and reflection of personal tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses going forward.
Part 2: Becoming a Coach

Address the following:

As you transition from the role of a coachee to the role of a coach in Unit 6, begin thinking about how you can model some of the techniques your coach used when working with you.

  • Apply strategies for successful coaching. Illustrate the application of coaching strategies.
    • How will you use coaching to build and develop talent in your current (or future) position?
  • Highlight specific strategies for building trust and rapport when coaching others.
  • Describe specific checks or measures to ensure equity and honesty when working with employees and community stakeholders.

Use correct grammar and mechanics in writing.

Your paper should have 10–12 pages of content (excluding the cover page and reference section). Use the APA Module, linked in the Resources. Since this paper is a personal reflection, it is acceptable to use first person for this assignment.

Expert Solution Preview

Personal Development Plan:
Part 1:

When I began my journey in Unit 1, my underlying assumptions were that I had a good grasp of my strengths and weaknesses, and that I had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve in my career. However, through my coaching sessions and journal entries, I have discovered that there are several areas where I need to improve, both professionally and personally. For example, I now realize that I need to work on my communication skills and learn how to provide constructive feedback to my colleagues.

The evolutionary process that took place over the past month has been transformative. Through my coaching sessions, journal activities, and research on emotional intelligence, I have gained invaluable insights into my personal and professional development. I have learned how to identify my emotions and regulate them better, which has helped me to become more self-aware and empathetic towards others.

To close the gap and acquire the necessary skills, abilities, and knowledge to succeed, I plan to take specific actions that will help me achieve my goals. These actions include enrolling in courses that will enhance my communication and leadership skills, networking with professionals in my field, seeking mentorship opportunities, and volunteering in community organizations.

My multiyear plan includes several SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. For example, my goal for the next six months is to improve my public speaking skills by enrolling in a public speaking course and practicing in front of friends and family. My goal for the next year is to take on a leadership role in a professional organization, where I will have the opportunity to develop my management and strategic planning skills.

To tackle fundamental behavior changes, I will apply the principles of emotional intelligence that I have learned through my coaching sessions. This includes developing a growth mindset, practicing self-awareness, regulating my emotions, and building meaningful relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.

My plan will develop and enhance skills that will add value to an organization by equipping me with the knowledge and abilities to perform my job at a high level. By improving my communication and leadership skills, I will be able to work effectively with others, manage projects more efficiently, and provide effective feedback and mentorship to my colleagues.

To review and update my plan on a continuous basis, I will engage in regular introspection and self-reflection. This will involve identifying areas where I need to improve, seeking feedback from my colleagues and mentors, and adjusting my goals and strategies based on my progress and feedback.

Part 2: Becoming a Coach

As I transition from the role of a coachee to the role of a coach in Unit 6, I plan to model some of the techniques my coach used when working with me. Applying strategies for successful coaching will involve identifying the specific needs and goals of the individuals I am coaching, creating individualized plans that are tailored to their needs and goals, and providing constructive feedback and support throughout the process.

To build and develop talent in my current (or future) position, I will use coaching to identify and address performance gaps, provide targeted training and development opportunities, and create a supportive and collaborative work environment.

To build trust and rapport when coaching others, I will establish clear communication channels, actively listen to their needs and concerns, and provide constructive feedback that is tailored to their specific strengths and weaknesses.

To ensure equity and honesty when working with employees and community stakeholders, I will establish clear expectations and guidelines, maintain open communication channels, and provide regular feedback and support that is transparent and fair.

Overall, the process of creating a personal development plan has been transformative. Through my reflection and analysis, I have gained valuable insights into my personal and professional development and have developed a clear roadmap for achieving my goals. By becoming a coach, I am excited to share my experiences and skills with others and help them navigate their own personal and professional journeys.

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