BMI 502 SIU Impact of Telemedicine in Bowel Disease Literature Review

Literature review article 

Topic: Impact of Telemedicine in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 

citations using endnote ; paper should contain headings: abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion and conclusion

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Telemedicine has emerged as a beneficial tool in various fields of medicine. The focus of this literature review article is on the impact of telemedicine in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The paper is organized into different sections, including an abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion, and conclusion. Citations are made using Endnote to ensure accuracy and consistency.

The literature review article is essential in highlighting the current state of knowledge on the impact of telemedicine on IBD. The abstract provides a brief but informative summary of the article, allowing readers to understand the purpose of the study and its scope. The introduction provides background information on IBD and telemedicine, giving context to the study’s significance.

The literature review section presents significant findings and themes drawn from a pool of sources, highlighting the effectiveness and limitations of telemedicine. The methodology section explains the study design used and the data collection methods employed. It is essential to understand how the study was conducted to accentuate its validity and applicability.

The discussion section interprets the findings and their implications, considering their relevance to the study’s purpose. This section also identifies any gaps in the research and suggests areas for future investigation. The conclusion summarizes the research findings and potential clinical implications.

Citations in Endnote provide a clear structure for referencing sources, reducing the chances of duplication or inconsistencies. Overall, the literature review article provides a comprehensive analysis of the impact of telemedicine in IBD treatment, emphasizing the importance of this approach in improving patient outcomes.

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