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An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an electronic version of a patient’s medical history, which includes all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that person’s care including progress notes, problems, and medications.

For this assignment, you will use the Internet or a community library.

Be sure to properly cite your resources.


Imagine a supervisor asks you to help create a report for the budgeting committee of your hospital on the importance of purchasing an EHR system.

Part 1: Electronic Health Records

50 points

Research the Internet for two sources regarding EHRs and write a three paragraph essay on their importance, use, and benefits. Be sure to properly cite your resources. Please, look over this tutorial before you start to write:

How to Write a 3 Paragraph Essay Outline

Remember, that you can look at writing an essay in this format:

1.This is what I’m going to say

2.This is what I’m saying

3.This is what I said

Expert Solution Preview

Introduction: Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have revolutionized the healthcare industry, providing an electronic version of a patient’s medical history. As a result, the integration of these systems has become a vital requirement for hospitals in today’s day and age. In this assignment, we will explore the importance, use, and benefits of EHRs and their significance for the budgeting committee of hospitals.

EHR systems have advanced in recent years, allowing doctors and medical staff to have quick access to a patient’s medical history, including clinical data such as progress notes, problems, and medications. The use of EHR systems, by hospitals, cuts down on paper-based records, thus reducing medical errors and enabling doctors to provide better care by receiving immediate access to patient-related information. In addition, the integration of EHR systems into healthcare has enabled easier communication between different departments within a hospital, allowing real-time information sharing. These benefits are not only limited to hospitals; patients can access their records remotely, schedule appointments, and request prescription refills with ease.
Therefore, it is evident that the adoption of EHR systems is not a luxury but a necessity for hospitals. Not only do these systems provide quick and accurate information, but they also help to cut down on costs, improve patient care, and provide a better patient experience. As a result, implementing EHR systems should be a top priority for the budgeting committee of hospitals.

EHR systems create huge benefits for patients, including quick access to medical records, easier management of medical information, and a better experience at the hospital or clinic. The problem with paper-based records is that they can be challenging to manage, with lost or misplaced records creating unnecessary delays, errors, or even missed diagnoses. EHR systems offer a solution to these problems in that patients can easily access their medical records remotely, share information with their doctors, and track their progress. Patients can also receive alerts when it’s time to schedule regular checkups or reminders to take their medication on time.
In conclusion, EHR systems not only offer significant benefits to hospitals but also create opportunities for patients, including improved medical management and an enhanced experience overall. Therefore, the adoption of EHR systems should be seen as crucial for the growth of hospitals.

Note: As these are sample answers to the prompt, the responses can be used as a reference for outlining ideas and for your own academic work. Proper research and resources must be cited before using any of the above answers in an academic or research project.

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